Refurbished Equipment

MPM has developed many advanced technologies for impact testing applications.  These technologies can be applied to older equipment to bring these test systems up to the state-of-the-art.  MPM purchases used equipment and refurbishes this equipment.  If you are looking for a refurbished system, call us and we can provide a list of our current inventory. 

System Upgrades

Existing test machines can be upgraded by addition of any of the following upgrades:

  • instrumented striker system (pendulum and drop tower machines)
  • encoder energy/velocity system (pendulum machines)
  • infrared velocity measurement (pendulum and drop tower machines)
  • in-situ heating and cooling system (pendulum and drop tower machines)
  • motorized striker return system. (pendulum and drop tower machines)
  • center of percussion correction (pendulum machines)
  • velocity launcher (drop tower machines)
  • automatic specimen transfer (pendulum and drop tower machines)

MPM will assemble the system and provide a field installation and calibration if desired.  Shown below is an example of an upgraded test machine (Tinius Olsen Model 84) which includes the MPM encoder system, instrumented striker system, and in-situ heating and cooling system.

Upgraded Tinius Olsen Model 84
Pendulum Machine

The MPM data acquisition system can be used to acquire data from both pendulum and drop tower test machines.  In the case of drop towers manufactured by others, there are many situations where the hardware remains in good condition but the instrumented acquisition hardware and software are very primitive.  In these situations, the MPM state-of-the-art data acquisition system can replace the existing system.  If needed, MPM also offers services to completely refurbish older drop tower machines.