In-situ Heating & Cooling 

MPM's patented In-situ Heating & Cooling System may be added to impact test machines (both pendulum and drop tower) for controlling the temperature of test specimens.  The advantage of this technology is that test specimens are thermally conditioned right up to the moment of impact.  Another advantage is that the test specimen can be more accurately centered prior to testing.  The system replaces the practice of using external thermal baths. 


MPM In-Situ Heating & Cooling - Large Capacity Machine Installation (U-Hammer)

MPM In-Situ Heating & Cooling - Tabletop Machine Installation

MPM In-Situ Heating & Cooling - Installation for Automatic Test Machine


System Features

The features of the system are given below:

  • Test specimen temperatures from -190ºC to 170ºC (with the standard system)

  • Test specimen temperatures up to 900ºC with add-on module to standard system

  • The centering tool provides a factor of two improvement over the conventional approach of using tongs with a thermal bath transfer approach

  • The requirement for rapid transfer of the specimen from a thermal bath is eliminated

  • Full system includes:

    • supports and anvils

    • temperature control console with four thermocouple readouts

    • centering tool

    • calibration specimen instrumented with thermocouples

    • user friendly software stores calibration data and provides temperature set points

    • hardware/software manual