MP Machinery and Testing, LLC (MPM) is a high technology company that offers a wide range of experimental, analytical, and consulting services to various industries.  MPM manufactures Charpy impact test machines, instrumented impact test equipment, drop tower test equipment, in-situ heating and cooling equipment, shock testing equipment, multipurpose corrosion cells, high temperature reference electrodes, and pressure vessels.  MPM offers services in the areas of material characterization, mechanical property measurement, failure analysis, corrosion testing, in-service component monitoring, and finite element analysis.  We invite you to explore our web site and contact us if we can be of service to you. Click here to view our Corporate Brochure.

Our Mission

"To serve our customers through the development and application of advanced technology."

Company Profile

MPM was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing testing and consulting services to the power industry.  Since that time, MPM has expanded into other industries.  MPM has developed its inventions and other intellectual property into products, and these are described in detail throughout the web site.  MPM has achieved an outstanding reputation through its emphasis on quality, excellence, and customer focus.