Circuit Board Testing

MPM manufactures drop tower test machines for automated testing of circuit boards.  The drop tower shown to the left runs in a fully automatic mode.  Up to 12 electronic components are monitored continuously for failure.  The test machine raises the rail cart to the user specified drop height within 0.010 inches, releases the rail cart, and after impact with the circuit board, pneumatic pistons are actuated to prevent a second strike.  If the user defined failure criteria are not met, the cycle is repeated until the failure criteria are met or until the total number of impacts specified is reached.  Failure criteria can be defined for any or all of the components on the board, or the test can be terminated after a predefined number of impacts with the board.

Automatic Machine with Continuous Voltage Monitoring System

System Features

If requested, the MPM drop tower test machines can be provided with instrumented strikers.  An instrumented striker option is used in applications that require measurement of absorbed energy.  Some important features of the MPM circuit board tester are listed below:

  • Rigid frame construction and precision bearings minimize transverse play of the rail cart.
  • The test machine can be provided with an electrically driven motor for raising the rail cart to the desired drop height.
  • The test machine can set the drop height automatically under computer control and the machine is also equipped with a digital readout and hand control to accurately set the drop height manually.
  • The test machine is equipped with a computer-controlled rail cart release and also includes a push button pneumatic release for manual control.
  • The base of the test machine is enclosed inside a six-foot tall polycarbonate enclosure with an interlocked door for safety during testing.  The door is designed to permit easy access to the test machine specimen support.
  • The test machine includes a pneumatically controlled safety plate to protect the operator while working around the test machine base.
  • Electronic system for continuous monitoring of voltage or resistance of components on the circuit board.
  • Test machines that are equipped with an instrumented striker have the following additional features:
    • Up to 1,000,000 data points per test
    • Data acquisition ranges from microseconds up to 100 milliseconds (longer acquisition times available)
    • User friendly software controls acquisition and data analysis
    • High speed, 12-bit acquisition board
    • Strain gage amplifier
    • Instrumented striker
    • Hardware/Software manual
    • Software

Please refer to our Instrumented Impact Testing and Drop Tower web pages for further information.