Dynamic Tear (DT) ASTM E604, E436, and E208

MPM manufactures high energy capacity drop tower test machines. These drop towers can be configured to meet the requirements of ASTM E604 for dynamic tear testing, E436 for drop-weight tear testing, or E208 for nil-ductility transition temperature testing. A single drop tower can be configured to do all three tests. While a 4,000 ft-lb (5,425 J) is a typical energy capacity, MPM towers can be constructed to any desired energy capacity. The tower can be configured with total energy measurement transducers and/or an instrumented striker system.

Thermal Conditioning

The MPM Charpy/DT bath can be used to thermally condition test specimens for both Charpy and DT testing. Removable racks are used to support either type of test specimen.

Notch Press

MPM manufactures the equipment needed to perform notch pressing.

Shear Fracture Area Measurement

The MPM Digital Optical Comparator (DOC) can be used for post-test shear fracture energy measurement. Please see further information on our DOC product page.

4,000 ft-lb (5,425 J) Drop Tower.

4,000 ft-lb (5,425 J) Drop Tower.