MPM Product News

MPM continually invents and develops new technologies to serve our customers needs.  This web page summarizes several new products which are, or will soon be, available for purchase.  Please contact us if you have any questions or require additional information.


The MPM I2S is used to measure uniaxial yield stress (YS), ultimate tensile strength (UTS), and Brinell hardness (BHN) from a non-destructive surface indentation.  It can be used to quickly and cost-effectively test in-service components and structures and it can be used in the laboratory for routine testing.  One significant advantage is that the method does not involve machining of a test specimen, such as a tensile specimen.  The test data are simply acquired by indentation loading.  The I2S applies the load, acquires the data, and provides results in less than thirty seconds. 


The MPM Circulated Charpy/DT Bath (CC/DTB) operates over a wider temperature range than can be obtained using refrigerant-cooled baths.  The system operates over the temperature range of -120 C to 200 C.  The MPM CC/DTB reaches cold setpoints faster because it uses liquid nitrogen as a coolant for tests that are conducted below room temperature. 

The open tank which contains the test specimens is available in 11-liter or larger sizes.  The standard system contains up to 63 Charpy impact test specimens.  The Charpy specimen holders can be easily removed and replaced with dynamic tear (DT) specimen holders.

Drop Tower Direct Energy Measurement

Measurement of the energy absorbed by a test specimen in a drop tower test machine requires that the striker be instrumented with strain gages.  MPM has invented a new technology that enables direct measurement of the specimen absorbed energy without the need for an instrumented system.  This technology is much less expensive when compared with instrumented system technology.  However, instrumented systems do provide load-deflection data which is important in some testing applications.  One important advantage of direct absorbed energy measurement is the fact that it will be possible to verify the absorbed energy measured using instrumented strikers.

Automatic Charpy Test Machine

MPM has developed the world’s first fully automatic Charpy impact test machine.  The machine receives a test specimen from a 150-specimen magazine, reads the specimen ID, transfers the specimen to the anvils and centers the specimen.  The specimen is automatically heated or cooled to the desired test temperature.  Subsequently, the pendulum is released, impacting the specimen and recording the energy and the instrumented striker force-deflection data.  See our Automatic Charpy Machines page.

Percent Shear Determination

The percentage of shear fracture area is a direct quantification of the transition in the fracture modes as temperature increases.  Many laboratories use the ASTM photograph comparison method to determine percent shear.  However, this method is very subjective and leads to results with large uncertainties.  MPM has developed a low cost imaging system and quantification software to address this problem.  The Charpy specimen fracture surface image is acquired on computer, the brittle and ductile fracture areas are identified, and the software automatically integrates the area to determine the percent shear area.