Buy and Sell

MPM buys and sells pre-owned impact test equipment.  If you are planning to upgrade your test lab in the near future, please contact us for a price quotation on your used equipment.  MPM will arrange for pickup and shipment of the test machine to our factory.

If you are looking for a very good price for a test machine, consider one of our fully refurbished test machines.  We always have several machines in stock which may meet your test specifications.  If not, we can work with you on modifications to meet your requirements.  MPM does a very thorough job on refurbishing.  All of our refurbished pendulum machines have new bearings, anvils, and striker.  Other parts are replaced as needed.  Similarly, our refurbished drop towers will be re-fitted with new bearings and all operating parts, such as the motorized return, will be reworked as required.  In most cases, the refurbishing work includes a complete paint job.

Some examples of our refurbished machines are shown in the slideshow...